2010 GreenSummitXpo to be New Jersey`s largest global renewable energy event


The 2nd Annual Global Renewable Energy Expo Networking Summit (GreenSummitXpo) will showcase hundreds of innovative renewable energy companies at various locations in Jersey City, NJ, from October 6 - 8, 2010. Leading green and sustainable businesses will gather to demonstrate their leadership in the industry through exhibitions, workshops, roundtables and awards. The GreenSummitXpo was created to bring together government, citizens, private business leaders, and non-profit organizations in order to foster collaboration toward promoting green strategies. Brightside Global Trade Journal is organizing the event, which will address the importance of global partnerships, renewable energies and feed-in-tariffs, energy efficiency in buildings and transportation, emissions trading, and how global problems require global solutions. The event's agenda includes energy policy and theory, best practices, case studies, climate control, and security and economic growth including jobs, investment, and marketing. Workshops and roundtable forums will provide the tools and templates necessary for planning, executing, and analyzing renewable energy programs. In addition, the GreenSummitXpo will provide live demonstrations and will feature technologies, services, and other exciting exhibitions related to the industry. Included among the prominent speakers is the award-winning architect and scholar Jason Kliwinski, AIA., LEED AP; Carmen Rainieri, AIC, CPC; Jeanne Perantoni, AIA. SSP Architectural Group; Joan Fitzgerald, professor and director of the graduate program in Law, Policy, and Society at Northeastern University and Author of her third book, Emerald Cities: Urban Sustainability and Economic Development (Oxford Univ. Press), which examines how cities are creating economic development opportunities in several green sectors and discusses the state and national policy needed to support these efforts. Other prominent speakers include Fred. R. Profeta, Jr. Deputy Mayor for Environment - Maplewood Township NJ, William F. Fox, Former Mayor of East Brunswick Township; Michael Tucker, President and Founder of GenX Alternative Energies; Scott Parisi, President EcoGreenHotel; Bob Anderson, Partner at Consortea Consulting Firm and Esther Novak Founder and CEO of Vanguardcomm. Brightside Global Trade Journal is currently accepting applications for exhibitions, sponsors, speakers and award nominations. For more please visit www.greensummitxpo.com. Event highlights will include an opening night reception, trade show exhibitors, speaker/breakout sessions, career fair, and the 2010 GREENS Awards. Accelerated Business Track Highlights:

Track 1: Technology/Manufacturing-Maintenance (Biomass,Coal, Geothermal, Hydrogen/Natural Gas, Ocean-Hydro, Nuclear, Solar PV, Solar CSP, Waste-to Energy and Wind) Track 2: Government & Education Track 3: Industry (Renewable Energy Consumers, Suppliers, Buyers) Track 4: Consumer Advocacy

'Showcasing unity in the community and industry is necessary for environmental change,' says 2010 GreenSummitXpo Chairperson Clare Misquitta. 'The 2010 GreenSummitXpo will open exciting opportunities for renewable energy consumers, buyers, and suppliers,' according to Elton R. Brewington, Publisher and Managing Editor, Brightside Global Trade Journal. 'The summit will inspire the creation of next generation jobs that will promote healthier business environments, and deploy the right technology engines globally.' GreenSummitXpo sponsors to date include: VanguardComm, GenX Alternative Energies and CSRwire. 2009 sponsors included Camelback Mountain Resort, Bard LLC, GenX Alternative Fuels, and PennEnergy. 2009 Exhibitors include companies like: Woodloch Pines Resort, EcoGreenHotel, David Lerner, Owens Corning, Segway of Lehigh Valley, Sterling Planet, World Green Exchange, Sustainable Jersey, Visit London and the National Clean Air Bus Tour. 2009 Film Exhibits included Nature's Keeper, PA, Passaic River, NJ and H2O Africa to name a few. About Brightside Global Trade Journal: Brightside Global Trade Journal is a quarterly publication established in 2006 and headquartered in New York. In 2010 the magazine will debut a new look with print-online-email editions. Brightside Global Trade Journal is committed to global issues such as renewable energy, healthcare, food and hospitality, consumer goods, information technology, and entertainment. Brightside Global Trade Journal is published by BMSI. The company produces events such as the Global Renewable Energy Expo Networking Summit and publishes periodicals including Brightside Global Trade Journal, Brightside Review and Westchester Conversations. BMSI has a combined online viewership of over 50,000 and works in coalition with other organizations dedicated to promoting clean energy, a healthy environment and a strong global economy that is sustainable.

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