2012 Deep Research Report on Global and China CPV Solar Industry


2012 Deep Research Report on Global and China CPV Solar Industry> was professional and depth research report on global and China CPV industry. This report has firstly introduced CPV definition classification industry chain etc relation information. Then introduced CPV module technology and manufacturing process. And then Summary statistics of Global and China major CPV manufacturers 2009-2016 CPV capacity production supply demand shortage and regional (US Europe China etc) Product Type (High Rate Low Rate CPV) Manufacturers (global 24 manufacturers) CPV production Market Share and also introduced CPV selling price cost profit margin and production value. And then also introduced global and China 24 major CPV companies basic information, 2009-2016 CPV capacity production price cost profit margin and production value etc details information. In the end, this report introduced CPV system project feasibility analysis and investment return analysis. And also give related research conclusions and development trend analysis of China CPV industry. In a word, it was a depth research report on Global and China CPV industry. And thanks to the support and assistance from CPV industry chain (CPV companies Solar cell companies tracker Fresnel Lens suppliers government related agencies etc) related experts and enterprises during QYResearch Team survey and interview.  

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Table of Contents

Chapter One CPV (Concentrated Photovoltaic) Industry Overview    1
1.1 Definition    1
1.2 Classification    1
1.2.1 Concentrated Photovoltaic Classification by Technology    1
1.2.2 CPV Classification by Concentrated Method    2
1.2.3 CPV Classification by Concentrated Strength    4
1.3 CPV Technology Advantages Compare Other Solar Power Technology    4
1.4 CPV Generating prospects    7

Chapter Two CPV Module Technology Analysis    1
2.1 PV Module    1
2.2 Sun Tracking Module    3
2.3 Cooling Module    6

Chapter Three CPV Systems Production Supply Sales Demand Market Status and Forecast    1
3.1 CPV Systems Production Overview    1
3.2 CPV Regional Market Share Analysis    6
3.3 Global and China CPV Productions    11
3.4 Global and China CPV Demand    12
3.5 2009-2016 Global CPV Systems Cost Price Production Value Profit Margin    18

Chapter Four CPV Key Manufacturers    20
4.1 SolFocus USA    20
4.2 Emcore USA    23
4.3 Concentrix Germany    27
4.4 Amonix USA    30
4.5 OPEL USA    33
4.6 Green Volts USA    36
4.7 Cool Earth Solar USA    39
4.8 Abengoa Spa    42
4.9 Isofoton Spain    46
4.10 Arima Eco Energy Taiwan    49
4.11 Comp Solar Taiwan    52
4.12 Everphoton Taiwan    56
4.13 Suntrix China    59
4.14 Sanan Optoelectronics Xiamen    63
4.15 Lida Optoelectronics Henan    67
4.16 Solar Systems Australia    70
4.17 WS Energia Portugal    72
4.18 ES System Korea    74
4.19 Whitfield UK    77
4.20 CPower Italy    79
4.21 Square Engineering India    82
4.22 Soitec France    84
4.23 Hanlong Group China    87
4.24 SKYSource China    90

Chapter Five Feasibility Analysis of China CPV Project    93
5.1 CPV Project Cost Analysis    93
5.1.1 CPV System Cost Structure    93
5.1.2 CPV System Cost Reduction    94
5..1.3 CPV System Project Investment Feasibility Analysis    95
5.1.4 CPV System (Dual-axis tracker, Fresnel lens, Three-junction Solar Cells) and C-Si Normal PV System Comparison Analysis    96

Chapter Six CPV Research Conclusions    99

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