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21 sets of Camda Cummins Diesel Generator Ready to Serve in China`s Multi-decade Hydro Scheme


Source: Camda Generator Work Co., Ltd

Dongguan China Nov.11, 2010 -- Final inspection of 21 sets of Camda Cummins diesel generator have been completed on Oct. 12, when a delegation of management officials of China South-to-North Water Transfer Project visited Camda and thumbed up at the products.

Camda was awarded the bidding in May of 2009 to supply power generation equipment for the first phase of South-to-North Water Transfer Project. 21 sets of silent type generator with trailer would be in service to generate electricity for the muli-decade hydro scheme.

All the generator set have been certified by TLC certification center, a recognized national product inspection organization, and have also been approved by China Internal Combustion Engine Monitor and Inspection Centre.

The South-to-North Water Transfer Project is a multi-decade infrastructure project  to better utilize water resources available to China. the main thrust is to divert water from the Yangtze River to the Yellow River and Hai River.


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  1. By Frank Heymans on

    Cummins diesel generator technology shows once again it's reliability in this new project!