2nd Microgrid Development for Public & Private Sectors WEST COAST


Source: Navigant Consulting, Inc. (NCI)

Orange County, California -- Revolutionize energy storage systems, renewable technologies, and structural design to enhance energy reliability and overall microgrid productivity. Following the success of the First Annual West and East Coast Microgrid Conferences, the 2015 West Coast edition continues to provide a platform for public and private sector professionals to demonstrate and discuss their successful microgrid projects and lessons learned.

Presentations will cover current deployments on alternative islanding philosophies, enabling technologies, successful design and architecture, microgrid economics, and the regulatory landscape. New topics to be discussed at this year’s program include conducting proper cost-benefit analysis, integrating renewables to a high penetration, showcasing different methodologies for seamless islanding versus open transition, strategizing how to get assets on the balance sheet and propose it to management, cyber security, demand response efforts with microgrid capabilities, and more.

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