50 Million Reasons to Celebrate: GE’s Pioneering F-Class Gas Turbine Hits 50 Million Operating Hours


Source: General Electric

  • GE’s Aviation Expertise Led to Breakthrough in Gas Turbine Technology
  • Innovative F-Class Gas Turbines Achieve 1 Million Starts, Set Reliability Records

GE (NYSE: GE) is celebrating the record-breaking results of translating aerodynamic engineering into a power generating innovation. By marrying its unique aviation expertise with its heavy-duty gas turbine experience, GE created the breakthrough F-class gas turbine technology. That GE technology, introduced in 1990, now represents the world’s largest fleet of F-class power—more than all other manufacturers combined—providing 260 gigawatts (GW) of power in 58 countries.

GE’s fleet of F-class gas turbines was the first to achieve:

  • 50 million operating hours and 1 million starts.
  • 99.4 percent yearly reliability.
  • Single-digit NOx emissions.

The first F-class unit, a 7F machine, began operation in 1990, replacing a coal-fired steam turbine. Closing in on the 25th anniversary, this unit is still running today in the same combined-cycle configuration and has accumulated well over 100,000 hours of commercial operation.

Today, more than 1,100 GE F-class gas turbines are installed globally.

“More than 40 years of gas turbine experience from GE Power & Water, GE Aviation and GE Global Research went into the development of the F technology,” said Vic Abate, president and CEO—Power Generation Products for GE Power & Water. “By taking state-of-the-art technology and materials from aviation and using them for power generation, GE made a quantum leap in technology.”

That quantum leap included development of the world’s first transonic blade for power generation and a game-changing turbine with a firing temperature of 2300° F. GE continues to improve and expand F-class capabilities for the future. GE’s latest F-class technology enables greater use of natural gas, wind and solar, and has become an industry benchmark for reliable, efficient and flexible electricity production.

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