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9REN connects 500 KW PV plant to grid, its first in Israel


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Milan -- 9REN announces it has connected to the grid its first solar PV installation in Israel. The solar plant, mounted on the roof of a cow-shed in the Hafetz Haim Kibbutz in central Israel, has a capacity of 500 kilowatts (kW) and will generate more than 810 megawatt-hours (MWh) a year of electricity.

The plant was installed by 9REN for Sunshine Renewable Energy, a subsidiary of FK Generators Group. The main local contractor was Inbar Solar. The power it has now started producing will be sold to the Israeli Electricity Co. (IEC). The installation benefits from one of the incentive systems offered by the Israeli government.

It was built using 2,127 Trina Solar photovoltaic panels (model TSM-235PC05) and 39 Power-One 12.5 kW inverters (model Aurora PVI-12.5-OUTD).

Following construction of the plant, 9REN signed a 10-year contract for its operation and maintenance (O&M). Thanks to its experience carrying out O&M for third parties on over 570 PV plants, the company now boasts the highest expertise in plant management and maintenance, monitoring installations on a continuous basis with dedicated, patented systems such as EOSystem and RENallert, which are used to maximise plant yields.

Endorsed by 10 years of experience and having installed more than 200 MW of solar plants in Spain and Italy, 9REN is now looking to take its know-how to new markets being Israel one of them.

“Our installation at the Hafetz Haim Kibbutz is a first step in a very interesting market for 9REN, one where we can expand our business of building and managing solar plants for third parties,” explained Stefano Granella, CEO of 9REN Group.

In fact, 9REN has already won two further engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contracts in Israel for two more PV plants, with combined capacity of 4 MW, which will begin production in the coming months.

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