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9REN expands beyond 100 MW of proprietary PV Plants


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Three more solar plants installed by the group

Milan -- 9REN Group, an international solar energy company, announces today that it has increased installation of directly owned solar PV plants to 105 megawatts (MW), of which 89 MW in Italy and 16 MW in Spain.

The company recently connected three more installations to the grid, all of them built on leased roofs and benefiting from Italy’s fourth feed-in tariff system. 9REN now has 11 roof-mounted PV plants in operation, for a total capacity of 7.6 MW.

To date, 9REN has built a total of 200 MW of solar PV plants, more than half directly owned and the rest installed for third parties. The company also carries out operation and maintenance (O&M) services on 570 PV plants (157 MW) to ensure the highest performance and yields on its own installations and those of its clients.

Stefano Granella, CEO di 9REN Group, stated: “The successful connection of these three plants by 9REN Group is a further step in our development strategy and a clear demonstration of our position both as an investor in the photovoltaic sector and as a contractor installing renewable energy plants for third parties.”

The first of the three plants to be connected was in Serramonda, in the province of Catanzaro, and is expected to generate 914,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) a year. The plant consists of 2,900 Hanwha SolarOne modules of 240 watts (W) each with polycrystalline silicon technology and Power One string inverters.

The second plant was Modugno 2, in the province of Bari, with capacity of 338 kW and expected annual output of 412,000 kWh. 9REN installed 1,400 Hanwha SolarOne modules of 240 watts (W) each with polycrystalline silicon technology and Power One string inverters. As well as the solar installation, 9REN also managed the restoration of the leased roof and safe disposal of asbestos.

The third installation, known as Prunizzedda, was built on an industrial roof in the province of Sassari (Sardinia) with capacity of 334 kW and expected annual production of 444,000 kWh. It includes 1,390 Hanwha SolarOne modules of 240 watts (W) each and Power One string inverters.

All three plants were connected to the medium-voltage grid and installed to the highest standards in terms of both design and technology.


9REN Group is one of the largest operators in the market for turnkey photovoltaic plants and a major investor in the solar sector. It has installed 200 MW of solar plants in Italy and Spain, more than 90 MW of which for clients and 105 MW directly owned by the group. 9REN also offers operation and maintenance (O&M) services, taking care of a total of 570 PV installations, both its own and those of clients. 9REN builds turnkey photovoltaic power plants purpose-made to meet every market need – residential, industrial and for the public sector. It provides favourable financing conditions for its clients or invests directly in its own plants, installing them in locations made available by third parties. www.9ren.it

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