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9REN expands its operation and maintenance (O&M) activities in the solar sector with a new 1.4 megawatt contract


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Milan -- Thanks to the agreement with Spanish company OHL Industrial, 9REN Group now carries out O&M activities for 158 megawatts (MW) of PV plants in Spain and Italy.

9REN Group announces today that it has further expanded its activities managing solar photovoltaic plants on behalf of third parties following an agreement with Spanish company OHL Industrial SL. 9REN Group will carry out operation and maintenance (O&M) for a solar plant built by OHL Industrial with installed capacity of more than 1,400 kilowatts-peak (kWp) and estimated annual production of 1,900 megawatt-hours (MWh).

Under the two-year contract, 9REN in conjunction with OHL Industrial will be responsible for the ordinary management of the plant, preventive and corrective maintenance as well as analysis of production and performance indicators. The solar plant will be kept in check and be managed to the high O&M standards that 9REN uses for all its own solar installations.

OHL Industrial’s rooftop solar plant is positioned on its logistics warehouse in the town of Cabanillas del Campo in the Guadalajara province of the autonomous community of Castillia-La Mancha, Spain.

Including this latest agreement, 9REN’s O&M activities for solar PV plants now total 158 megawatts, of which 66 MW are in Spain and 92 MW in Italy.

“O&M is an important component of our business both in Spain and Italy, and is now being extended to other countries too” said Stefano Granella, chief executive officer of 9REN Group. “Thanks to more than a decade of experience managing and maintaining our own plants and a sophisticated software, the Eosystem that we created and patented for controlling our own PV plants, we can now offer our clients a quality, highly reliable O&M service. In short, we look after their plants as we do our own.”

9REN Group

9REN Group is one of the largest operators in the market for turnkey photovoltaic plants and a major investor in the solar sector.

9REN has installed 200 MW of solar plants in Italy and Spain, more than 90 MW of which for clients and 105 MW directly owned by the group. 9REN also offers operation and maintenance (O&M) services, taking care of a total of 570 PV installations, both its own and those of clients.

Through its 9REN People unit, 9REN builds turnkey photovoltaic power plants purpose-made to meet every market need – residential, industrial and for the public sector – providing favourable financing conditions for its clients.


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