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A little change in the configuration pages


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The information on turbines, engines, flares and boilers have been registered and edited on the Configuration > Installation pages in Nems Accounter. These pages will be moved.

There has been requests for consultants to enter en edit these data. We have therefore decided to move the configuration pages to the main part of Nems Accounter. You will in the near future find the combustion utilities in the main menu under the new item Facility.

This is the first step of a partial migration of information from Configuration > Installation to the main menu.

The primary reasons for this change is to:

  • Enabling operator to outsource the set up an installation
  • Ease the information flow
  • Make the set up more intuitive

We hope you will agree that this is a positive change. Please provide comments and suggestions!

These modifications will take effect on the next publication of Nems Accounter. Expected release is Thursday or Friday this week.

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