A new micro wind turbine designed for remote regions


Source: Orenda Energy Solutions Ltd.

A new micro wind turbine has been designed by Nils Ferber, a student at École cantonale d’art de Lausanne (ECAL) in Switzerland, and has recently won the 2016 BG Sustainable Development Prize.

The wind turbine was created as part of Ferber’s Master’s thesis project entitled “Micro Wind Turbine”. He was looking to create something small, compact and lightweight for the outdoor adventurers who wanted to be able to charge their phones while on long trekking tours.

Ferber conducted research with climbers, expedition leaders, film-makers and mountaineers to find out what tools they used to recharge their cell phones and equipment. The majority would use solar panels, but found them cumbersome, heavy, and less than ideal when weather wouldn’t cooperate to give them enough sunshine. They were looking for something compact, light-weight and easy to use.

The final product, after a series of digital and physical models were created, is less than 1 kilogram, which is 40% lighter than the closest competitor. The micro wind turbine also generates more output, even at lower wind speeds due to a larger rotor.

To see the micro wind turbine in action, check out the video below:

Micro Wind Turbine

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