A new record: China steps up its rollout of renewables



China is well on the way to becoming one of the world's leading consumers of renewables.

According to China National Radio (CNR), the Chinese National Energy Board has announced that targets for the rollout of renewables are to be raised to a new record level, reported the IWR, a renewable energy institute in Muenster. The basis is the country's

2011-2015 five-year plan. The Chinese government now intends to raise wind energy output from 40,000 megawatts (MW) to a total of 100,000 MW by 2015, including 5,000 MW of offshore capacity.

According to the latest figures, China and the US are currently neck-and-neck in the global ranking with a respective installed wind capacity of around 50,000 MW, ahead of Germany (28,000 MW), Spain (21,000 MW) and India (16,000 MW).

China plans to increase photovoltaic (PV) output to a total of 15,000 MW by 2015. The global solar installation ranking is currently headed by Germany, with an installed capacity of 17,300 MW (2011).

'China appears to have raised its targets for solar energy production due to concerns about its domestic industry,' said IWR Director Dr. Norbert Allnoch. The fall in the price of photovoltaic power facilities has caused many Chinese solar companies to fall into the red, with their share prices plummeting by 60-80% last year.

The significant squeeze on margins is also putting pressure on exports, says Allnoch. With their current domestic production facilities Chinese solar companies could manufacture solar modules with an output of 20,000 MW every year.

The increase in the expansion targets on the Chinese domestic market to around 3,000 MW per year pushes up the utilisation rate to 15% of Chinese domestic PV production capacity.

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