A setback for tidal power in Nova Scotia



Nova Scotia-based OpenHydro will begin the process of raising a 400-tonne, six-storey water energy turbine from a text site in the Bay of Fundy, home of some of the most awesome and powerful tides in the world.

Earlier this month, the two companies discovered that the harsh ocean environment had broken two of the turbine's blades. The massive 1-megawatt machine is now scheduled to be removed sometime this fall.

Following the completion of an engineering analysis, OpenHydro will review the design of the turbine and redeploy next year. This will involve no additional costs for Nova Scotia Power customers. With the exception of turbine engineering & fabrication, the majority of the recovery and re-deployment activities will be performed locally.

'The recovery itself is another project milestone. It will further our understanding of how the turbine has operated in this unique and challenging environment, bringing us closer to commercially developed tidal arrays in the Bay of Fundy,' said Peter Corcoran, Chief Financial Officer, OpenHydro.

'We see this as an opportunity to learn and adapt,' said Mark Savory, Vice President Technical and Construction Service, Nova Scotia Power. 'We continue to accomplish the goals that were established for this demonstration project.'

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