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A Ten Minute Energy Audit Could Save Your Small Business A Small Fortune


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Winter is the perfect time to give your small business an energy health-check. At Utility Helpline we are experts in helping small businesses to moderate their energy usage and slim down their energy bills. With shorter days and colder weather threatening balance books, businesses must take action to battle Jack Frost. A DIY energy audit takes just 10 minutes to complete and can lead to big savings for you and your business.  

Your 10 minute energy audit:

1)    Collect information - When performing any audit, knowledge is power. Get your hands on as many energy bills as possible. These will help you to trace consumption patterns and give you a much firmer idea of where energy is going and where it is being wasted. For smaller premises – a smart meter is a great way to collect data about energy usage. Additionally, research suggests that smart meters can affect people’s attitudes towards energy consumption and make employees more aware of possible savings.

2)    Think flexibly -Energy intensive businesses, like manufacturers often find it difficult to alter their energy consumption. Large machines will use large amounts of energy and little can be done to reduce it. However, with a touch of flexibility the most energy intensive processes can be completed during off-peak hours, helping keep costs to a minimum. If your business is geared up to work at night, and has a suitably flexible energy tariff, then this is definitely something worth considering.

3)    Always think frugally- For other types of business, possible energy savings might be smaller, but they are still worth making. By making lots of minor adjustments you can easily pinch pennies to save pounds. Here is a very quick checklist of the easiest and most effective savings you can make: turn off computers and lights, turn down the heating, check for dripping taps/leaking pipes, reduce waste, refill print cartridges, defrost freezers, ditch screen-savers.

More thorough energy audits are offered by professional energy brokers. If you are low on time or patience then these services are a great way of evaluating your business costs and identifying areas of wastage. For businesses with high consumption, and no dedicated energy manager, these servicescan prove highly beneficial. Professional audits typically save businesses around 10% on their energy bills, making them a great investment in the long-run.

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