ACCIONA completes construction of 5 solar gardens with investment of EUR 222m


Source: ACCIONA Energy

ACCIONA has completed its implementation program for huertas solares (solar gardens) for 2008 within the laid down timescale. The program consists of plants totaling 30.31 megawatts peak power capacity (MWp) and an investment of 222 million euros by more than 1,400 owners. The projects were completed two months before the expiry of the period set by the Spanish Government to benefit from current conditions and rates for photovoltaic solar generation, as stated in Royal Decree 661/2007.

Two of the solar gardens implemented this year are located in Navarra, another two in Albacete and one in Badajoz. The five facilities practically double the capacity installed by the company the previous six years -through its subsidiary ACCIONA Solar- in the modality of solar gardens, reaching a capacity of 61.50 MWp.

The entry into service of these solar gardens takes the total of shared-ownership photovoltaic facilities constructed by ACCIONA to 18. This represents an investment of around 456 million euros spread over more than 3,500 owners, most of them small investors located in the areas where the solar gardens have been set up. Nine are located in Navarra, six in Castilla-La Mancha, two in Extremadura and one in Aragon.

ACCIONA is also finishing the installation of a 45.6 MWp photovoltaic plant in Portugal in the locality of Amareleja (Moura). Owned by the company, it is the biggest in the world in terms of installed capacity, taking the total photovoltaic solar capacity installed by the company to 115.4 MWp. Of this figure, 64% has been put into service this year, representing 177% growth on the accumulated figure for last year.

Navarra, Albacete and Badajoz

Among the solar gardens built this year we would highlight those at Corella (10.81 MWp) and Bardenas (10.11 MWp) in the region of Navarra; both were completed last week. They are the biggest facilities installed by the company and represent an overall investment of 152 million euros, distributed among 1,126 owners. Another solar garden recently completed is the one at Castuera (Badajoz), with a capacity of 5.39 MWp and an investment of around 41 million euros.

Two other solar gardens in Munera (2.09 MWp) and Albatana (1.90 MWp) -both in Albacete province- account for an investment of 29 million euros. Construction was completed in May.

The concept of Huerta Solar (solar garden) was created and registered by ACCIONA as an option that allows private investors to invest in renewable energy by purchasing a photovoltaic installation located next to others on a single site. This means that infrastructures and services can be shared with the aim of reducing costs and optimizing the efficiency of the facility.

Corporate information

Acciona Energía is a world leader in renewable energies with a major presence in eight technologies. In wind power it has installed 5,403 MW, owned by the company and other companies, in 195 wind parks in thirteen countries, and it produces wind turbines using proprietary technology. At 30 June 2008 it had installed 65 MW of solar thermal plants, 97 MW of photovoltaic power and 30 MW of thermal energy and also owns and operates three biomass plants (33 MW) and 19 small hydro power stations (59 MW). In biofuels, it produces biodiesel from vegetable oils and bioethanol from wine-surplus alcohol.

It belongs to the ACCIONA group, one of the main Spanish international corporations with activities in more than thirty countries in the five continents. It works in the fields of infrastructures, renewable energies, hydro resources, urban and environmental services, logistics and transport, housing development and hospital management, among others. ACCIONA has a workforce of over 40.000 employees and it is quoted on the Spanish IBEX-35 (ANA.MC) selective index.


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