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Aclara Releases Significant Enhancements to Its Industry Leading kV2c Commercial & Industrial Electric Meters

Source: Smart Grid Observer

mprovements Meet Long-Term Requirements of Utility Customers and Allow Optimization of Existing Grid Infrastructures

January 30, 2019 -- Aclara, a leading supplier of smart infrastructure solutions (SIS) to electric, gas and water utilities worldwide, recently (1/28) announced significant enhancements to its fifth-generation kV2cTM commercial and industrial (C&I) meter, making it easier for utilities to optimize existing grid infrastructures.

One major enhancement permits utilities to deliver reliable power by better managing over-voltage and surge events. The enhancement eliminates the need to replace meters following an overvoltage and allows utilities to ride through overvoltage events safely.

Another improvement provides expanded processing power and memory that permits backward compatibility to all previous fifth-generation kV2cTM meters. This feature ensures future-proof products for utilities and their C&I customers to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s grid.

“What makes the fifth generation kV2c such an effective smart meter is its phenomenal flexibility and scale. It gives our customers a genuinely future-proof meter that meets the growing needs of their businesses, while at the same time driving down operational costs,” said Allan Connolly, president of Aclara and divisional vice president of Hubbell Power Systems.

“With its over-voltage handling, increased processing power and expanded memory, this new generation of meters can handle the data requirements of new applications such as Volt/VAR optimization and distributed energy. And like previous kV2c meters, this fifth generation is a simple integration for all of Aclara’s AMI partners and their AMI solutions,” added Connolly.

With more than two million units already in place, the kV2c line of C&I meters is the most widely deployed smart meter in the C&I market. Its new features also improve operational benefits, such as safety and lower total cost of ownership, generating a higher return on investment for the utility.


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