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ADB and Korea Transport Institute sign agreement to promote energy efficiency


Source: Asian Development Bank

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) today signed a memorandum of understanding with the Korea Transport Institute (KOTI) to focus on low-carbon green growth in the transport sector.

The agreement, signed in Manila, pledges stronger cooperation in knowledge sharing, capacity building, networking and exchange of staff between the two institutions.

ADB and KOTI will also work together to promote public transport and non-transport modes, develop transport systems that facilitate cross-border trade, improve road safety, and provide access for the poor and marginalized groups in society.

“Addressing sustainable transport in the rapidly emerging economies of Asia today simply makes sense if cities hope to avoid the air pollution, traffic congestion and sprawl that have plagued industrialized countries over the past century,” said Dr. Kee Yeon Hwang, President of KOTI, at the signing ceremony.

'So far, very few cities in Asia have been able to formulate policies that are based on a true reflection of the economic costs of air pollution and congestion.”

Xianbin Yao, ADB's Director-General for Regional and Sustainable Development, said that addressing the issues of climate change, increasing traffic congestion, and the necessity of transport access for all are key to achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals in a sustainable manner.

As part of its Sustainable Transport Initiative, ADB is committed to forging strategic and knowledge partnerships with leading global institutions in order to fulfill its objective of developing clean, safe, affordable and accessible transport systems in Asia and the Pacific.

KOTI is Korea's leading national transport institute and is also one of the world's leading transport research institutions.

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