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ADB calls for environment-friendly and inclusive transport projects


Source: Asian Development Bank

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is urging its development partners to ensure that the environment is protected in transport and infrastructure projects. The transport sector is the largest by oil use, and by far the fastest growing, emitter of greenhouse gases in the Asia and Pacific region, warned ADB Vice President Ursula Schaefer-Preuss at the opening of the ADB Transport Forum held in Manila. The region has the highest growth rate in terms of motor vehicles – increasing over 10% every year.

“Action must be taken at both the local and national level to promote sustainable and energy efficient mobility. ADB will support the developing member countries to effectively adapt to the effects of climate change – through climate proofing – in our transport and other infrastructure projects,” said Vice President Schaefer-Preuss.

At present, transport sector loans comprise more than 30% of ADB’s total lending. Transport projects have direct and indirect consequences on climate change, rising fuel prices, and disparities in economic development.

“These issues are interlinked and will require our collective and coordinated response – not only from ADB and governments, but with other members of the development community, including the private sector and civil society,” Vice President Schaefer-Preuss added.

ADB will also align its transport sector work to one that promotes inclusive growth and regional cooperation.

“Transport projects will promote inclusive growth and poverty reduction,” said Vice President Schaefer-Preuss, adding “mobility is a key to enable all people to actively participate in economic activities, access education and health services and thus the ability to lift them out of poverty.

The four-day ADB Transport Forum (9-12 September 2008) is being attended by over 250 persons from more than 30 countries. Aside from the environment issues, the forum will also tackle the financial, administrative, and social issues involving transport projects.

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