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add energy covers the entire value chain, from Qualification to Exploration and Production. The company has expertise in critical areas, such as:
  • Subsurface
  • Well
  • Safety
  • Environment
  • Operations

– add energy’s supplies strengthen and secure all parts of the customers’ core activities and comprise a wide range of products and services, such hire of consultants, courses and training, studies, projects and software. The customer shall perceive add energy as a clear and enthusiastic business partner, says Per Arne Jensen, Chairman of the Board in add energy group.

Innovative and value-focused products and services
– The new company creates values through innovation and improved solutions, which thereby ensure increased production, improved performance, lower costs and safe operations that are in accordance with the regulations, says Jensen.

Following the merger, add energy group will be a leading and innovative supplier to and business partner for the energy market. The Group has more than 150 employees and consultants and more than 20 years of experience in creating value for customers in the energy sector.

– The merger means that we can build a stronger brand identity in a tough international energy market, says Per Arne Jensen.

add energy group comprises the following companies:

  • add vestdrill as (established in 1992 as Vestdrill AS) since then the company has earned a sound reputation as a leading and independent consultancy company in the oil sector.
  • add upstream as (established in 1996 as Upstream Management AS) provides services to the petroleum industry within contracting of skilled personnel, documentation, process simulator operations, process training, emergency preparedness training and course management.
  • add novatech as (established in 1986 as Novatech AS) an information centre and a leading provider of consultancy services within emission control, environmental management and environmental auditing.
  • add wellflow as was (established in 1991 as Wellflow Dynamics AS) provides drilling and production services and is recognized as a global leader in dynamic flow calculations for well control and contingency planning.
  • add safety as (established in 1994 as Forus Beredskap AS) has built up a reputation as a leading supplier of HSEQ services to the oil industry on the Norwegian continental shelf.
  • add falcon as (established in 2003 as Falcon Ocean AS) provides consultancy and highly experienced professionals, mainly for the oil companies, within drilling, completion and well intervention.
  • add penta as (established in 2005 as Penta Management AS) is a consultancy company with its core expertise in drilling, well intervention and completion.
  • add energy group has office in Stavanger (Headquarters in iPark, and also an office at Forus), Oslo (Billingstad).

In 2008, (proforma) turnover is expected to be around MNOK 300 with good profitability.

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