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Additional 1,000 MW to Israel Solar quotas


The Israeli Electricity authority has published today a hearing for tenders to issue a new quota for 1,000 mega watt of solar electricity.

This addition was long awaited for by the local renewable energy market as it doubles (!) the Israeli solar quotas. We view this step as a major milestone toward a cleaner energy mix in Israel, and toward achieving the government’s 10% renewables by 2020 target.

No doubt this addition will need to triple in the upcoming years to bring Israel to forefront of solar manufacturing, but as for now, at least we are heading in the right direction. We see renewable energy not only as the clean alternative but also important for Israel’s energetic and economical security.

We also wish to remind that the Israeli energy minister, Mr. Yuval Steinitz will be attending the upcoming Eilat-Eilot conference (November 28-29 2016). The event is a platform for investors, entrepreneurs and decision makers to meet and advance the renewable energy market.

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