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Air quality impact of a district heat network in Bradford


The CERC Consultancy team investigated the air quality impact of a proposed district heat network in Bradford city centre.

The network will provide heat generated by a new Energy Centre (gas-fired Combined Heat and Power engines and boilers) and two existing biomass boilers, to a number of existing and proposed buildings. As each building is connected to the network, any boiler plant within that building will be shut down.

In work commissioned by Sustainable Energy Ltd, ADMS 5 was used to carry out dispersion modelling of emissions from flues for three scenarios: current; counterfactual (without the proposed heat network) and future (with the proposed heat network).

A complex arrangement of multiple sources and buildings was modelled to calculate pollution concentrations at ground-level and elevated locations, representing residential building facades. The impact was also assessed at Bradford Metropolitan District Council's four city centre

For each modelled scenario, hourly varying emission parameters and pollutant emissions were calculated for each source, based on fuel use and/or energy demand. The damage cost was also calculated.

Follow these links to view the modelled area and contour images in higher resolution.

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