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Al Gore Supports Biofuels Industry


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Al Gore confirmed today his participation at the World Biofuels Markets Congress at the Brussels Expo Centre, Belgium 6-9 March 2007. Well known for his stance on climate change he is keen to show his support to this fledgling green industry, as it grows rapidly towards it's 2nd/3rd generation cycles and enables a true bio-economy.

World Biofuels Markets is widely regarded as the premier business networking congress and exhibition for the global renewable fuels industry and is organised in conjunction with the European Biodiesel Board and the European Bioethanol Fuels Association.

The inaugural event demonstrated the incredible boom that the global bioenergy industry is experiencing and was a complete sell out, attracting over 450+ participants from 45 countries. For 2007 the event has moved to the much larger state of the art Brussels Expo facility and the event organisers, Green Power Conferences reported that well over 650 high level executives are expected. Event Director, Nadim Chaudhry explained “the industry is rapidly building out it’s 1st generation infrastructure, this may only have a small impact on GHG (greenhouse gases) from road transport but it is a prelude to the rapidly evolving 2nd/3rd generation technology paths. The 2nd generation technologies such as cellulosic ethanol and woody biomass to liquids are receiving a large sum of venture capital funding, as they seek the “holy grail” of supplying low cost renewable fuels”.

When asked about what sort of timescales could we expect to see the benefits of these investments Chaudhry confirmed “There are various pilot projects running at the moment but I would expect to see commercial scale 2nd generation plants launching around 2011-2012 and then depending on when major breakthroughs occurred, 3rd generation molecular or consolidated bioprocessing happening before 2020”.

When questioned further about the key challenges the industry faced before then Chaudhry commented “I would say firstly stabilising the policy framework to support the industry through this crucial growth phase is important and we are expecting Alfonso Finat Gonzalez to shed some light on this in his Keynote Speech as he reports on possible amendments to EC Commission’s 2003 Biofuels Directive. This is key to ensuring the full participation of banks and the investment community”. “Also Biofuels are an environmental product and it is crucial that they are produced with minimal environmental damage, full Well to Wheel Life Cycle Assessments are conducted for the full range of feedstocks and an effective Certification System to ensure sustainable origins such as the LowCV Partnership’s, is used”.

Pioneering companies Bioverda NTR and Rabobank have already been confirmed as Congress Sponsors. Bioverda is the recently launched Bioenergy Division of NTR, Ireland's leading infrastructure company and Rabobank is the Dutch bank that is a leader in alternative energy and agri-industry financing.

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