ALGAE-X Introduces New Automated Fuel Filtration System


Source: AXI International

Algae-X International announces a new addition to its line of programmable Automated Fuel Filtration system, the STS 6000-10GPM-2T.

The new system can automatically or manually switch between tanks, to preserve the integrity of the fuel stored in two tanks using only one STS system. By implementing fully automated 3-way motorized ball valves and a selector switch tied into a new Smart Filtration Controller, Algae-X engineering has added a new and very cost effective system to its unique line of well-known STS-6000 systems.

The stainless steel, 3-way inlet and outlet valves are operated by 24V DC actuators. Additional end switches report valve position back to the control panel. The actuator includes a heating unit for colder climate installations.

The STS-6000 line includes a full scope of built-in UL-508A certified diagnostics, alarms and indicators for safe operation and remote monitoring. The Smart Filtration controller logic is equipped with digital inputs to be connected to the fuel tanks 'high fuel level alarms' to prevent overfill or overflow situations and potential spills.

Algae-X international now offers five different STS-6000 models of programmable Automated Fuel Filtration Systems. All of them are designed to extend the shelf life and integrity of stored fuel, assuring Optimal Fuel Quality for Reliable Emergency Power Supply systems in data centers, banks and other critical power applications.

Algae-X International (AXI) designs, engineers and manufactures innovative fuel filtration, fuel conditioning and tank cleaning equipment, now available in over 40 countries around the globe.

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