ALGAE-X introduces new automated fuel filtration system: STS-6000-30gpm


Source: AXI International

ALGAE-X STS Automated Fuel Filtration Systems keep your diesel fuel in “pristine condition”. They remove sludge and water from your tanks, dry the fuel and prevent microbial contamination. STS systems use fully-automated programming and remote monitoring to simplify fuel optimization and maintenance programs for diesel and bio-fuel. STS Systems ensure Optimal Fuel Quality and Reliable Emergency Power.

  • Fully Automated Filtration System
  • Easy Integration with BMS
  • SMART Filtration Controller (UL508a)
  • Continuous Duty Pump with Viton Seals
  • Powder Coated & Stainless Enclosures
  • Stainless Steel Plumbing
  • Stand Alone, Reliable Turn-Key Equipment

For safe operation, the controller monitors system operation and can easily be integrated in any building management system (BMS). Alarm functions and pump shut down are triggered when filters need service, a leak is detected, high vacuum or pressure occurs, or when there is water in the separator.

STS-6000 systems can be connected to the tank’s 'High Fuel Level Alarm' to prevent overfilling and potential spills. All
components and control devices are contained within a fully enclosed, lockable, NEMA certified cabinet.

STS systems prevent periodic tank cleaning, replacing out of spec fuel and costly downtime; delivering power when you
really need it.

The principal STS-6000-30 GPM components are:

  • Nexus Y-Strainer to protect the pump,
  • Continuous duty motor with coupled gear pump and Viton Seals,
  • Primary filter to remove water and debris,
  • Secondary coalescing filter to dry the fuel, and
  • Algae-X Fuel Conditioner to optimize fuel quality, increase filterability and eliminate microbial contamination.

Both primary and secondary filters are equipped with pressure gauges, water sensors and alarm modules.

The programmable UL 508A listed Algae-X Smart Filtration Controller automatically operates and monitors the STS system. All components and control devices are contained within a fully enclosed, lockable, weatherproof, NEMA certified enclosure.

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