Alstom chosen as partner for China’s first EPR nuclear power plant

Alstom has signed a contract worth over 200 million euros with China Guang Dong Nuclear Power Company (CGNPC) for the engineering and procurement of the complete turbine island for the nuclear power plant to be built in Taishan (south-western province of Guangdong). Taishan will be China’s first EPR power plant.

This contract follows the €300 million order (including around €100 million for Alstom) booked in February 2008 and won in partnership with the Chinese industrial group and Alstom’s long-standing partner, Dongfang Electric Company. This first order is for the supply of two 1,750 MW Arabelle turbine-generator packages for the Taishan  nuclear plant.

Alstom is part of a consortium comprising two subsidiaries of CGNPC: China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. (CNPEC), and China Nuclear Power Design Co., Ltd (CNPDC). On Alstom’s side, the project will be led by Alstom Turbomachines group (TMG) business, including its local engineering office Alstom Wuhan Engineering and Technology Co (AWEC). Alstom will supply in-house designed components, as well as the basic engineering of the complete turbine island and pumping station, while AWEC will support the on-shore portion of the design and procurement.

“This is the logical extension of the recognition of Alstom unique expertise for design and optimisation of the complete turbine island and of the initial contract in which Alstom was awarded the steam turbine-generator sets,” said Guy Chardon, Senior Vice President, Alstom Turbomachines group. “Alstom is establishing itself as a key player in the re-emerging nuclear market throughout the world, especially in China.”

As the world’s largest supplier of turbine islands for nuclear power plants  with over 30% of the world’s total installed capacity, Alstom has been a historic partner for China to answer its growing energy demand. Alstom has also been CGNPC’s and Dong Fang’s industrial partner since the construction of Daya Bay, the first large Chinese nuclear power plant that was built 20 years ago.

*The turbine generator set comprises the steam turbine, generator, condenser, moisture separator reheaters and auxiliary equipment needed to convert steam produced at the nuclear reactor into electrical power.

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