Alstom inaugurates a 3 MW wind turbine in Tarragona, Spain

The President of the Generalitat de Catalunya, José Montilla Aguilera, on Friday 25 July inaugurated the first unit of the ecotècnia 100 (eco 100) wind turbine at El Perelló, Tarragona. The turbine, with its 3 megawatt (MW) output, is the most powerful model ever designed by the company. It is 140 metres high and the largest nationally manufactured wind turbine installed in Spain to date.

The inauguration was chaired by Montilla, together with the Manager of Alstom Spain, Antonio Oporto, the General Director of Alstom Ecotècnia, Félix Urrea, the mayor of El Perelló, Genoveva Margalef and the eco 100 promoter, Joan Fages from Eòlica del Perelló. 

The ecotècnia 100 wind turbine is located at La Collada wind farm in El Perelló, Tarragona Province. The eco 100 belongs to a new generation of wind turbines with greater performance and reliability, manufactured using the most innovative technologies and the result of more than 25 years’ experience. Through the acquisition of Ecotècnia, Alstom has entered the fast growing wind industry as a strong player, increasing its global offer of renewable energies.

The eco 100 owes its name to its 100 metre diameter rotor, allowing it to increase the profitability and performance of the wind farms in which it is installed. The eco 100 can supply enough power to 8000 inhabitants.

Its modular design simplifies transportation while easy assembly makes it suitable for a greater variety of complex terrains. The large dimensions of the eco 100 make maintenance operations fast and safe.

The launch of this new turbine once again demonstrates Alstom’s drive for innovation, guaranteeing greater profitability for wind power projects, full integration into the electrical grid and environmental compatibility.

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