Alstom will equip three new Turkish hydro power plants boosting Turkey’s power generation by 1,200 GWh per year

Alstom Hydro* has signed a contract with Enerjisa Enerji Uretim AS to supply equipment to three new hydropower plants being constructed on the Seyhan and Goksu rivers in Adana province, southern Turkey.

Turkish energy generation company Enerjisa Enerji Üretim A. Ş. is owned by Verbund/Austria and Sabancı Group/Turkey, aiming to reach an installed capacity of 5000 MW and to handle 10% of energy market in Turkey by 2015.

Once completed, the power plants Kavsakbendi, Köprü and Menge will have a total power output of 417 MW, contributing approximately 1,200 GWh to Turkey’s annual power generation.

The overall contract value is around €100 million, out of which more than €70 million for Alstom Hydro. The company  is responsible for the design, supply, transportation, supervision and commissioning of the turbines and generators**. Alstom’s consortium partner GES is responsible for balance of plant and overall installation of equipment.

Kavsakbendi will comprise 3 x 61 MW turbine generator units rated 66 MVA. Köprü will comprise 2 x 74 MW turbine generator units rated 80 MVA.  Menge will comprise 2 x 43 MW turbine generator units rated 50 MVA.  The three power plants will begin commercially operating between 2010 and 2011.

Alstom Hydro is Turkey’s leading hydro manufacturer, supplying 60% of the country’s hydro generators and 20% of its hydro turbines. Hydroelectricity makes up over 30% of Turkey’s installed capacity for power production, a figure which will increase with the introduction of recent government policies.

“Turkey is a key market for Alstom Hydro, and we are very pleased to have been awarded these three power plants by Enerjisa. This demonstrates Alstom’s competitiveness and ability to supply its customer with the best available technology,” says Philippe Cochet, President of Alstom Hydro.

* Alstom Hydro, a joint venture between Alstom and Bouygues, has over 400GW of turbines and generators installed worldwide which represent more than 25% of the total global hydro power installed capacity. As the world leader in supply of hydropower equipment & services, Alstom Hydro offers products and solutions that cover all hydropower schemes, from large to small, from run-of-river to pumped-storage. With 5500 employees in 19 countries Alstom Hydro offers the broadest range of products and services for new installations, refurbishment, upgrading and services.
** The turbines to be used are vertical Francis turbine units

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