Alternative Energy Monthly Deal Analysis: M&A and Investments Trends - March 2010 Report Now Available on ReportsandReports


DALLAS ReportsandReports Announce it Will Carry the Alternative Energy Monthly Deal Analysis: M&A and Investments Trends - March 2010 Market Research Report in its Store. Browse the complete Report on: GlobalData's “Alternative Energy Monthly Deal Analysis M&A and Investments Trends – March 2010” report is an essential source of data and trend analysis on the mergers and acquisitions and financings in the alternative energy market. The report provides detailed information on M&A, Equity/Debt Offerings, Private Equity, Venture Financing and Partnership transactions registered in the alternative energy industry in February 2010. The report portrays detailed comparative data on the number of deals and their value in the last six months subdivided by deal types, segments, and geographies. Additionally, the report provides information on the top financial advisory firms in the alternative energy industry. Data presented in this report is derived from GlobalData’s proprietary in-house Alternative Energy eTrack deals database and primary and secondary research. Scope - Analyze market trends for the alternative energy market in the global arena - Review of deal trends in wind, solar, biopower, geothermal, transformation technologies, hydrogen & fuel cell markets - Analysis of M&A, Equity/Debt Offerings, Private Equity, Venture Financing and Partnerships in the alternative energy industry - Summary of alternative energy deals globally in the last six months - Information on top deals happened in the alternative energy industry - Geographies covered include – North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South & Central America, and Middle East & Africa - League Tables of financial advisors in M&A and equity/debt offerings. This includes key advisors such as Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, and Goldman Sachs Reasons to buy - Enhance your decision making capability in a more rapid and time sensitive manner - Find Out the major deal performing segments for investments in your industry - Evaluate type of companies divesting / acquiring and ways to raise capital in the market - Do Deals with an understanding of how competitors are financed, and the mergers and partnerships that have shaped the alternative energy market - Identify growth segments and opportunities in each region within the industry - Look for key financial advisors where you are planning to raise capital from the market or for acquisitions within the industry 1 Table of contents 2 2 Alternative Energy, Deal Summary 6 2.1 Alternative Energy, Global Deals Analysis, February 2010 6 2.2 Alternative Energy, Global Number of Deals by Type, February 2010 8 2.3 Alternative Energy, Global, Top Deals, February 2010 9 2.3.1 FirstEnergy To Merge With Allegheny Energy 9 2.3.2 Government Of Ecuador To Invest $6 Billion For Zamora Hydro Power Project In Ecuador 9 2.3.3 Enel Completes Public Offering Of 3.5% Bonds For $2.7 Billion 9 2.3.4 SunPower To Acquire SunRay Renewable Energy 10 2.3.5 Brookfield Renewable Power Fund Announces Bought Deal Public Offering Of $239.4 Million 10 3 Alternative Energy, Deal Summary, by Type 11 3.1 Alternative Energy, Global Mergers and Acquisitions Deals, February 2010 11 3.2 Alternative Energy, Global Asset Finance, February 2010 12 3.2.1 Alternative Energy, Global Project Finance, February 2010 13 3.2.2 Alternative Energy, Global Self Funded Projects, February 2010 14 3.3 Alternative Energy, Global Equity Offering Deals, February 2010 15 3.4 Alternative Energy, Global Debt Offering Deals, February 2010 16 3.5 Alternative Energy, Global Private Equity and Venture Capital Deals, February 2010 17 3.5.1 Alternative Energy, Global Top Venture Financing Firms, Last Six Months 18 3.6 Alternative Energy, Global Partnership Deals, February 2010 19 4 Deals Summary by Sector 20 4.1 Alternative Energy, Global Solar Deals, February 2010 20 4.1.1 Solar – Deals of the Month 21 4.2 Alternative Energy, Global Wind Deals, February 2010 22 4.2.1 Wind – Deals of the Month 23 4.3 Alternative Energy, Global Biopower Deals, February 2010 24 4.3.1 Biopower – Deals of the Month 25 4.4 Alternative Energy, Global Hydro Deals, February 2010 26 4.4.1 Hydro – Deals of the Month 27 4.5 Alternative Energy, Global Energy Efficiency Deals, February 2010 28 4.5.1 Energy Efficiency – Deals of the Month 29 4.6 Alternative Energy, Global Geothermal Deals, February 2010 30 4.6.1 Geothermal – Deals of the Month 31 4.7 Alternative Energy, Global Energy Infrastructure Deals, February 2010 32 4.7.1 Energy Infrastructure – Deals of the Month 33 4.8 Alternative Energy, Global Energy Storage Deals, February 2010 34 4.8.1 Energy Storage – Deals of the Month 35 4.9 Alternative Energy, Global Transformation Technologies’ Deals, February 2010 36 4.9.1 Transformation Technologies – Deal of the Month 37 4.10 Alternative Energy, Global Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Deals, February 2010 38 4.10.1 Hydrogen & Fuel Cell – Deal of the Month 38 5 Deal Summary by Geography 39 5.1 Alternative Energy, North America Region Deals, February 2010 39 5.1.1 North America – Deals of the Month 40 5.2 Alternative Energy, European Region Deals, February 2010 41 5.2.1 Europe – Deals of the Month 42 5.3 Alternative Energy, Asia-Pacific Region Deals, February 2010 43 5.3.1 Asia-Pacific – Deals of the Month 44 5.4 Alternative Energy, Rest of the World Deals, February 2010 45 5.4.1 Rest of the World – Deals of the Month 46 6 Alternative Energy, Top Financial Advisors 47 6.1 Alternative Energy, Global Top Financial Advisors, M&A, September 2009–February 2010 47 6.2 Alternative Energy, Global Top Financial Advisors, Equity Offerings, September 2009–February 2010 48 6.3 Alternative Energy, Global Top Financial Advisors, Debt Offerings, September 2009–February 2010 49 7 Further Information 50 7.1 Methodology 50 7.2 About GlobalData 50 7.3 Contact Us 51 7.4 Disclosure information 51 7.5 Disclaimer 51 Related Reports Alaska Upstream Oil & Gas Fiscal Regime: 2010 Albania Upstream Oil & Gas Fiscal Regime: 2010 Alberta Upstream Oil & Gas Fiscal Regime: 2010 About Us ReportsandReports comprises an online library of 10,000 reports, in-depth market research studies of over 5000 micro markets, and 25 industry specific websites. 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