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Alternative Energy Partners (AEGY) Launches Solar Thermal Energy Program Targeting Healthcare


Source: Alternative Energy Partners, Inc.

On-Site Utility Pilot Can Provide Clean Energy for Los Angeles Hospital at 10% Less Than Conventional Utility Costs.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA --Alternative Energy Partners, Inc. (OTCBB: AEGY) is pleased to announce that Sunarias Corporation, its wholly owned, on-site clean energy producer, will implement a pilot solar thermal energy program. Promise Hospital of East Los Angeles has been selected as the primary site for the alternative energy pilot program.

Sunarias is a leading provider of on-site utilities that generate clean solar thermal energy to power a building's heating and cooling needs. This pilot is the first installation under the Sunarias Healthcare Alternative Energy Program, a comprehensive new sales and marketing program targeting the healthcare sector.

Promise Hospital is a specialized Long Term Acute Care ('LTAC') facility and one of the largest freestanding specialty hospitals in the country. 'This program from Sunarias is very timely as we are looking for energy solutions that not only reduce our carbon footprint but also lower our operating overhead. We are very excited to participate in the pilot program,' said Mr. Richard Luna, CEO of Promise Hospital.

For the pilot program, Sunarias covers all of the capital costs associated with implementing a turn-key heating and cooling energy solution, and guarantees Promise Hospital a 10% minimum reduction in its utility costs for the same power consumption. Sunarias solar thermal energy systems are located on the property site. The systems are owned, operated and optimized for maximum efficiency by Sunarias, which also handles all service, maintenance and repair.

Sunarias' Healthcare Alternative Energy Program was created to demonstrate the ease of applying solar thermal energy production technology to the healthcare sector. It offers a 100% turn-key, green-energy solution that will immediately reduce operating costs for hospitals, nursing homes and long-term-care facilities across the United States.

Sunarias' introduction of its clean energy technology is particularly timely given the appearance of legislation such as CA AB-32, which encourages reduced power usage.

A study released by the American Society for Healthcare Engineering reports that healthcare executives place a higher priority on energy efficiency than executives in other industries. Implementing alternative energy systems, such as those provided by Sunarias, may not only curb costs but also offer long-term financial benefits for hospitals. The US Department of Energy states that, ' improvements can contribute to a hospital's financial security by tempering future cost increases and becoming 'revenue generators'.'

Mr. Gary Reed, Alternative Energy Partners CEO, said 'Hospitals are the cornerstones of our communities. Through our Healthcare Alternative Energy Program, Sunarias can demonstrate not only the significant cost savings available to those hospitals, but also help them contribute to their surrounding communities through reduced energy usage. We are very pleased to initiate this important pilot program. This is a very strategic move and growth opportunity for the company and its valued shareholders.'

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