Amerisolar 750KW Solar Plant Completed in California USA


Source: Amerisolar

San Francisco -- As a solar brand originated from America (USA) with production bases in USA, China. Taiwan and Vietnam, Amerisolar is taking more competitive strategies based on its Leading Technology, High Quality, Very Competitive prices and worldwide Door-to-Door logistics services.

Today. Amerisolar announced that its 750kw solar plant has been successfully completed at Rock Church. San Bernardino. CA, USA. Amerisolar AS-6P-250w solar panels have been used in this project Amerisolar AS-6P-250w has become one of the most popular panels in US solar market due to its high efficiency, reliability, stability and its very competitive cost control.

In 2015, Amerisolar is building ils local sales network at a very fast speed with the support by its local agents in differ¬ent states Under the guidance of Amerisolar 2015 ' 2+ Strategy' , Amerisolar keep improving its technical services and local door-to-door logistics services in US.

As a global solar company with leading solar technology. Amerisolar is showing its more and more competitive strength in worldwide solar markets.

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