Analysis of the Energy Management Services Market

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After a minimal rise in market revenue in 2009, investments in energy management services (EMS) jumped to an unprecedented level in 2010 and its high growth in North America is expected to continue through 2015. Volatile energy prices, mandated reduction in energy consumption, and financial incentives are among the factors driving revenue growth. These influential factors of market expansion, among others, are analyzed in this research study. Revenue forecasts are provided for the total EMS market and its sub-segments: performance contracts and non-performance-based contracts. The vertical markets analyzed include government, institution, healthcare, commercial, and industrial.

Market Overview - Key Questions This Study Will Answer:

  • Which vertical segments provide the most lucrative opportunities?
  • Has the competitive landscape expanded to new entrants or is it consolidated?
  • Have market growth rates improved in the aftermath of the recent economic recession?
  • Is there a sufficient momentum of growth to withstand future decline in federal funding?
  • What are the key strategies needed for a company to expand its market share?
  • Which technology trends will impact a company’s competitive standing in the EMS market?

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