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Asia Low Rank Coal Utilization Congress 2014


Low rank coal (including lignite, long-flame coal, non-stick and weak-stick coal) accounts for more than 50% in China total coal reserves and production, which has become a very important part of energy supply. China’s low rank coal has the features of rich moisture, low heat, active chemical reactivity, flammable and frangible, and iIt is not suitable for direct combustion and for long distance transport.

In 2011, China produced 3.52 billion ton and net imported 168 million ton coal, the total consumption reached 3.688 billion ton. So, in line with the characteristics of low rank coal resources, developing clean and high efficiency utilization, and making the low rank coal as the high-quality sources for power generation and chemical production are encouraged by the policies. According to the “Demonstration Projects Planning of Coal Deep Processing (draft)', which is drafted by NDRC, the upgrading of Low Rank Coal is included in the 7 major demonstration directions. The planning target is to own 1 Mt/a low-rank coal upgrading and other large-scale set of technologies by 2015.

The main ways of lignite (low rank coal) utilization including gasification, quality upgrading, clean power generation and pyrolysis based poly-generation. Based on lignite gasification, Datang has started up a coal to olefins project and a coal to SNG project. China Coal, Beijing Energy,Shenhua, Huadian, Guodian have started construction for the 10 million t/a of pyrolysis poly-generation projects in Inner Mongolia, by pyrolysis, the coal gas, tar and semi-coke can be got in the first step, after further conversion, the oil, chemicals and synthetic natural gas can be produced.

The Asia Low Rank Coal Utilization Congress 2014 will be held in Beijing, China during 23-24, October this year by GICC Group. The upcoming conference will discuss the policies trends of low rank coal utilization; explore the characteristics of China low rank coal resources; technologies update of lignite (low rank coal) shaping and upgrading; lignite pyrolysis & gasification based poly-generation technologies & projects; coal gas, tar and semi-coke utilizations, and the environment & water solutions for lignite utilization.For more details,please visit

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