Association of Alternative Fuel and Energy Market Participants of Ukraine Joined the Global 100% Renewables


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Association of alternative fuel and energy market participants of Ukraine (APEU), which is the largest Ukrainian organization in the field of renewable energy, has become a participant of the global initiative called Global 100% Renewables, which aims to create worldwide infrastructure capable of supporting global energy consumption by 100% from renewable sources.

According to the APEU president Vitaliy Daviy, cooperation with the Association of Global 100% Renewables is intended to strengthen the integration of Ukraine into the global energy community, as well as to create an information platform for the active development of renewable energy at the national level.

'Today as never before, Ukraine needs an active and effective implementation of the sustainable development principles in the energy sector, in particular in the development of renewable energy. Ukraine is tied to Russia in accordance with gas supply and nuclear fuel. The only way to avoid this destructive addiction is a fundamentally new model of energy supply for the country. Global Initiative 100% Renewables aims to complete rejection of the world economy from traditional fuels and energy. This is our vector of the development', the head of APEU said.

One of the main ideologists of Global 100 % Renewables (advisor of the organization) is the creator of the European legislative 'green' tariff model on supporting renewable energy, ex- member of the Bundestag Hans-Josef Fell. He is confident that Ukraine has no other way of building a strong and independent country besides a rejection of Russian gas and reducing the share of nuclear energy against the backdrop of the active development of alternative sources. And in this context, cooperation between APEU and Global 100 % Renewables can be an important impetus for the implementation of this strategy.

'Gas and oil dependence of Ukraine has always been one of the key reasons of political crises in the country. Wind and solar power, biogas production can potentially make Ukraine independent of energy imports in a few years. Moreover, the development of renewable energy is a very efficient way to promote the overall growth of the national economy', one of the most authoritative international experts said.

In 2014, one of the main information platform for the discussion and implementation of the strategy of energy independence of Ukraine and the EU in particular will be EuroSEF-2014 Forum 'Reducing the Energy Dependence of Europe', which will be held in Brussels on 30 September.

Association of alternative fuel and energy market participants of Ukraine (APEU) was founded in 2009 and is the largest Ukrainian industry organization representing more than 60 companies from the renewable energy sector. The Association's goal is protecting the interests of the industry, as well as creation, active introduction of international experience, the foundations for the sustainable energy development in Ukraine.

Global 100% Renewable Energy Coalition (www.go100re.net) was founded in April, 2013 in the United States by a number of partners representing science, industry, civil society and politics. The main activity of the project is to support initiatives in various countries aimed at promoting renewable energy, to achieve global independence from hydrocarbon fuels and nuclear energy.


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