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At SOLAREXPO the latest trends in integrated solar architecture


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SOLARCH third edition at Verona on May 9-11, 2012

Feltre -- Architectural integration of solar photovoltaic; architectural integration of solar thermal; bioclimatic / passive solar architecture. These are the focus topics at SOLARCH – Building Solar Design & Technologies, a space where cutting-edge solar technologies can express their full potential within latest-generation projects. The third edition of SOLARCH is organized in partnership with Solar Media and Design Build Solar.

SOLARCH is the special event at Solarexpo, aimed at giving to the visitors the opportunity to see the most innovative solutions and internationalization projects of solar building design and complete architectural integration of solar PV and thermal. An example is the PV roof tile, whose technical features allow energy generation without changing the roofing aesthetic aspect. “In a market even more keen to choose energy saving solutions Industrie Cotto Possagno provides an efficient and long-lasting opportunity, ranging from design to installation. The innovative PV roof tile allows to avoid thermal bridges, ensures a perfect resistance to atmospheric agents and can be easily and quickly installed. So it is perfectly fitted for being used in a delicate area like the roof”, said Sabrina Cunial, Head of Sales and Marketing at Cotto Possagno.

On exhibit at SOLARCH also the framed modules for PV panels in different applications. An example is the ALUK SPV system for flat surfaces, pitched roofs, solutions for complete integrated plants, solar fields, special structures, together with the series for FRS Venetian blinds integrated also with PV panels, as explained by Silvano Pasetto, Sales Director at ALUK.

Among the exhibitors at SOLARCH, United Solar Ovonic Italia too. “At Solarch we officially present our new PV flexible laminates UNI-SOLAR® PowerBond ePVL e RFPlus – said Maarten van Cleef, Europe Sales & Marketing Vice-president at United Solar Ovonic-. A really innovative product line, up to 19% more efficient than traditional PVL. Light, easy to install and flexible, Powerbond is fit for the various architectural styles. Besides it gives the possibility to qualify for “Integrate PV Plants with Innovative Characteristics” according to Conto Energia IV Feed-in Tariff, Title III.

Relevant national and international brands have joined SOLARCH: Abakus, Aluk, Cotto Possagno, Dyaqua Art Studio, En-Eco, General Membrane, GiellePlast, High Facing, Imper Italia, Iscom, Key Future, Nemuri, Ondulit, Solardis, Sunerg Solar, Sun Technology, Tegola Canadese, Tegola Solare, Unimetal, UnionGlass, United Solar and Wegalux.

The exhibition is complemented by a high-level international conference organized through a media partnership with Solar Media and Design Build Solar.

For further information: www.sol-arch.eu

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