Attractiveness Analysis of the Southern Cone Solar Markets


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Attractiveness Analysis of the Southern Cone Solar Markets

This research service analyzes the solar markets of the Southern Cone of South America. The solar markets in the Southern Cone, composed of the countries of Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay, have experienced steady growth during the last years as a consequence of increasing government concerns about the need to diversify the national generation base and to ensure energy security and independence. The study provides market engineering measurements, and examines the main drivers and restraints affecting the market through the forecast period of 2012-2016. It looks at revenue forecasts and regulatory structures, and provides market analyses for each country.

Executive Summary

•With an intensive promotion of renewables, Chile leads the solar effort in the Southern Cone by promoting a continuous and successful policy, which turned the country into a trustable hub for investment and business opportunities.

•Argentina and Uruguay are also encouraging solar energy through concrete measures: FIT, net metering, and fiscal benefits. But none of them is able to foster nationwide plans for grid applications or attract a considerable amount of foreign investors.

•Neither generation companies nor the national governments of Argentina and Uruguay have developed utility-scale planning, which seems a feasible but far and distant option. In fact, solar power is conceived as the best solution to improve rural electrification.

•The development of solar energy in the Southern Cone is associated with off-grid applications. However, this trend is unlikely to continue in the next five years, while the first utility plants deploy grid connections.

•Both the unfavorable conditions of the spot market and the high cost of the equipment have closed the market to many participants who ventured into Southern Cone solar markets, such as international companies with worldwide experience.

•The solar market in the Southern Cone, growing steadily at xxpercent, is still significantly behind global uptake levels.

•Still in a nascent stage, the solar market is attractive for investment as the region shows favorable solar irradiation.

•Growth opportunities are particularly concentrated in the northwest regions of Atacama (Chile), Jujuy, and Salta (Argentina).

•The attractiveness of the solar market in the Southern Cone is increasing due to a sustained downward trend in equipment pricing, but solar energy is not a cost-competitive alternative.

•An association of Chinese PV firms breached the Chilean solar market by offering the government a plan capable of reducing the selling price to $xxper kilowatt-hour (kWh).

•While incentives for local production are rare and only a few companies venture into the supply side, the Southern Cone solar market is comprised chiefly of importers, distributors, and local representatives of leading world firms.

•Overall, the Southern Cone yields a promising and attractive opportunity to invest.

Executive Summary

Market Overview

Total Solar Market

•Forecasts and Trends

•Demand Analysis

•Market Share and Competitive Analysis

Argentinean Breakdown

Chilean Breakdown

Uruguayan Breakdown

The Last Word (Conclusions and Implications)


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