ATTSU RL Steam boiler for animal fat combustion



ATTSU designs a new boiler concept for revalorization of animal fat from meat products elaboration

This 1750 kg/h steam boiler becomes a new concept that enables animal fat combustion in an efficient and eco-friendly way, achieving operation efficiency higher than 96.2%.

This boiler incorporates the latest automatization to work 24h without manual reset and, it is composed by an ATTSU economizer  for heat recovery achieving combustion gases at 120ºC.

Thanks to the incorporation of latest technology, the boiler user could reduce consumption to 750.000 liters gasoil/year, avoiding generation of 150.000 kg of CO2 exhaust gases/year.

ATTSU RL boiler prepared for fuels resulted from animal fat could achieve reducing total petroleum  by-products consumption.

All manufactures with available animal oils as a result of their cooking or handling process will be able to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint and petroleum by-products consumption within their meat product elaboration process. This will enhance companies for energy saving and a more ecofriendly production.

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