Austrian modular biodiesel production technology goes for successful export


Source: BioDiesel Technologies GmbH

There is a steady increase of interest to install decentralized, modular biodiesel production facilities, not only in Europe, but also in overseas countries.

The Austrian manufacturer of containerized, modular biodiesel production equipment, BioDiesel Technologies GmbH has gained already substantial market share especially in Spain, where - besides the excellent technology and possibility of modular capacity increase - the very short delivery times (3 months) are attracting the clients. In the factory of BioDiesel Technologies GmbH the CPU 1000 units, that are housed in a 20 ft container, are made already in serial production. After the successful installation of an 8000 tons per year capacity facility for Grupo Ecologico Natural SRL in the island of Mallorca, the 24000 tons plant followed in Almaden, operated by Biocarburantes. The recent successful start-up of the 48000 tons biodiesel production facility in Madrid, Villaverde has 6 pieces containerized CPU 1000 methyl ester (biodiesel) production units, and the buyer, BeCCO Fuels S.L. is already considering buying further units from BioDiesel Technologies. Palencia, Huesca, Tarragona and Ghandia will be the new locations of biodiesel plants from the Austrian vendor, each including 3 CPU 1000 methyl ester production units.

In the meantime the Austrian company has finished to the Cyprus-based Ambrosia Oils (1976) one 8000 tons biodiesel production unit in Larnaca, while the next 3 pcs CPU 1000 units, with 24000 tons per year capacity are meant for the Brazilian biodiesel producer Companhia Productora De Biodiesel Do Tocantins. The first North-American deal had been concluded between BioDiesel Technologies GmbH and Planetary Fuels Inc., of Seattle, with the aim, that the first 3 CPU 1000 units will be followed by more, remote controlled biodiesel production facilities. The Eastern European marketplace is also lively: after the start up of CPU 1000 units in Slovenia, Bulgaria and Estonia, Hungarian and Lithuanian orders were booked by the growing Austrian biodiesel technology manufacturer. The market responds positively on this flexible but standardized concept: BioDiesel Technologies GmbH produces 'machines' and not engineered factories, which can be used as decentralized production units, easing up the logistic burdens of the very large biodiesel factories and taking away the risk by starting the business relatively small with the option to increase the capacity according to the market development. The moduls are tested already in the factory, and they are delivered in the shortes possible time to the site, where the start-up is finished within one week time.

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