Austrian technology crowns Arabian sports stadium


Source: TiSUN GmbH

The 'Al Aim stadium' near Abu Dhabi is a project of remarkable dimensions: from summer 2013, approximately 25,000 people can be seated in this stadium with a total area of 45,000 m². Austrian technology provides the renewable domestic hot water production for the showers and toilet facilities of the athletes and visitors of the stadium in the Middle East.

Larger, more spectacular, unique – projects built in the United Arab Emirates have style and offer exceptional architectural design. In the high-quality execution of projects, architects and engineers rely on European companies and product quality from the West. The solar system of the major project “Al Aim” is delivered by the company TiSUN from Austria. The solar heat expert is delighted to have been awarded this contract, and the implementation will be completed in June 2013.

'The projects in the Arab world are very attractive and architecturally appealing and we appreciate that we are given the opportunity to integrate our products in a visually appealing way and with high energy output,' says Robin M. Welling, Managing Director of TiSUN. He is confident about an increase of solar construction projects in the Middle East markets.

'The Gulf regions are among the largest exporters of fossil fuels. A change in mind-set from fossil to renewable energy is already in evidence. The demand for solar installations in the Middle East is rising and many construction projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi will be built sustainably. In a few decades a large extent of the energy needed in the Arab countries could be covered by solar energy,' comments Mr. Welling.

51 TiSUN FM module collectors with a total surface of 130 m² will provide energy-efficient hot water for the multi-shaped nest stadium 'Al Aim'. The collectors will be perfectly integrated in the oval shape of the building and mounted like a crown on the steel-concrete construction. The project is being implemented by the TiSUN subsidiary GCC FZC in Dubai, which since December 2011 distributes TiSUN solar systems in the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. The collectors, storage and pump stations will be delivered from the TiSUN headquarter in Söll in Tyrol.

Bashar Muhtadi, CEO of TiSUN subsidiary GCC FZC, is pleased with the positive development of the markets in the Middle East. “The integration of solar heating systems in the modern building environment has become a standard in the MENA (Middle East + North Africa) region in the last three years - especially when public institutions. In December 2012 we have just implemented another major project in Abu Dhabi. TiSUN solar systems provide energy for the Al Raha Gardens project, a housing area that includes villas for 750 residents, two private schools, kindergartens and businesses houses. The United Arab Emirates is currently our biggest market in the Middle East; nevertheless we expect Qatar to become an emerging market in 2013 and are already planning some major projects for the application of the Gulf Emirates to host the FIFA World Cup in 2022.

TiSUN has been developing, producing and selling complete systems for the utilisation of solar heating energy for over two decades. The solar systems provide 100% independent, infinitely available, free solar energy for backup heating, water heating, process heat and cooling. Known as Europe's solar heating specialist, TiSUN has an export quota of 83%. The company employs a workforce of 100 at the main location in Tyrol/Austria and 90 sales personnel in Europe. TiSUN products are available in 48 markets in the EU27 and candidate countries, Switzerland, the former CIS states, the USA, MENA and India. All serially produced solar collectors feature multiple certifications. In addition to the Solar Keymark, which is valid across Europe, and the Austria Solar Seal of Quality, quality certifications from five other countries confirm the high standard of the products. The ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Test Certificate verifies that both product and service quality levels are especially high. Since 2010, the company has also been certified under the international environmental management standard ISO 14001.

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