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Automatic vacuum oil filling system


Fully automatic vacuum oil filling system, Transformer automatic vacuum oil filling system is a set of oil immersed power transformer vacuum oiling automatic processing solution. This piecemeal automated processing process has reached the level of ancestors in the country. The design is fair, the control is convenient, the function is stable, and the automation level is high.

The piecemeal accepts the unique oil-filling gun, which is used for the two methods of oil-filling and closing of the transformer, ensuring that the oil-filling process can be utilized as long as it is in the oil-filling position, further ensuring the reliability of the oil-filling process. The system is equipped with an intuitive electronic surveillance installation that allows the operator to inspect the environment inside the tank in a timely manner in the main control room. Fragmented parts are accepted by professional manufacturers in the country, and severe aging screening is carried out before disassembly, so that the pieces have excellent reliability. It adopts high-function industrial automation equipment such as industrial control computer and PLC, which can realize multi-product vacuum pumping at the same time, with high automation level and stable operation function.

The whole set consists of six important departments: oil injection unit, oil return unit, vacuum unit, vacuum tank, automatic control unit and supervised system. The shape of the critical equipment can be monitored on the computer in a timely manner, and the critical data can automatically constitute a complaint. The system provides two kinds of oil filling methods: normal pressure oil injection and vacuum oil injection. The oil injection has various methods of automatic, manual and oil replenishment, and can carry out long-distance monitoring and manipulation of coherent equipment (oil filter, oil tank, etc.) with oil processing.

The piecemeal process deals with excessive foam and out of control problems caused by atmospheric pressure oil storage and vacuum oil injection, and can complete vacuum oiling of distribution transformers, transformers and various high-pressure oil-filled power equipment, and can also realize multiple products. At the same time, oil injection, tightening the production cycle, greatly improved the product quantity and production automation.

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