Spanish Bioenergy Association (AVEBIOM)

AVEBIOM goes onto the street to explain the advantages of installing ‘Biomass in your home’ to consumers

A roadshow will be visiting ten cities to show equipment in operation and provide useful information on the benefits of using biomass to heat homes.

Various reports and surveys show that there is still great ignorance about the use of biomass among end consumers, whether for applications in houses, flats, communities, chalets or SMEs. To address this situation, AVEBIOM is attempting to pass on its experience and knowledge by taking the advantages of using this renewable energy for thermal uses to around 80,000 potential users. With this aim, AVEBIOM’s  touring ‘Biomass in your home’ exhibition will visit ten capitals of Spanish provinces in at least eight regions for 40 days in 2015.

From February on, this initiative to tell people about the types of equipment available, how it operates, the distinct classes of biofuels and the solutions that have been adapted for different housing and building models will be the first action of this scale aimed at end users by the Spanish Biomass Valuation Association (AVEBIOM) since the success of
Expobiomasa, the fair for professionals. That is precisely why this outreach work will take to the streets, at strategic points in the chosen cities, in order for members of the public to have direct access to the information without having to go out of their way.

Final details are still being worked out about the contents and educational material that will travel with the roadshow but in the next few weeks its route and schedule will be presented. These will make the most of the autumn and winter, when energy needs in homes are at their greatest.

The initiative aims to have an informative impact on people, which it will surely do through its striking format that will be unlike conventional urban shows and street fairs.

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