AXI Announces New Partner with ASNE

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Source: AXI International

AXI (Algae-X International) is pleased to announce a partnership with ASNE (Authorized Services of New England). ASNE is New England’s authorized Generac generator and power systems dealer covering Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Rhode Island. ASNE also assists in designs for custom power applications.


The need for reliable backup electric power is too important to leave to chance. Emergency power generators that rely on diesel fuel are at constant risk of unexpected failure when the fuel is allowed to degrade and contamination occurs,” explains Michael Kingsley, President of ASNE. “By adding the ALGAE-X fuel filtration and conditioning equipment to our product line, we will enable our clients to extend the life of the engines on their diesel fueled standby power generators and mitigate the risk of a failure due to fuel contamination.


AXI is the leader in the development and manufacture of fuel conditioning technologies, and distributes its products to all sectors of the diesel engine market worldwide. “We are delighted to be associated with ASNE and their staff of professionals who will be presenting the ALGAE-X Total Fuel System Management products to their clients”, said Bill O’Connell, AXI President.


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