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Base Structures are awarded a technology grant to fund collaborative research into the gas permeability of fabrics.

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Awarded by Innovate UK to increase the gas retention of fabric storage systems thereby improving the efficiency of AD systems across the globe.

22nd November 2012 -- With a strategy to stimulate technology-enabled innovation in the areas which offer the greatest scope for boosting UK growth and productivity, this grant offers support to suitably innovative companies that have a track record of investing in technology, research and development.

Base Structures have designed and currently manufacture a biogas storage membrane for use as a gas accumulator in the anaerobic digestion process. Methane gas is stored within the accumulator in a factory sealed fabric ‘bag’. By developing new fabrics it will be possible to reduce costs and inefficiencies in the AD system and therefore improve the financial viability of all AD operations.

This grant will enable Base Structures to collaborate with a research institution to run a comprehensive series of tests as part of a research programme. By investing in small process efficiencies, such as improving the biogas retention of all AD systems, the benefits can be magnified significantly - a small investment in testing and research can ultimately save many hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Base welcomes enquiries from both partners and potential customers. For further information please contact Fran Buchanan on +44 (0) 117 971 2229, email or visit the Base Structures Biogas Storage microsite.


About Base Structures 

Founded in 2001, Base Structures is a specialist sub contractor offering a one stop shop for the design, manufacture and installation of tensile fabric structures.Operating across Europe, Base has 50 staff and £5million turnover. Notable client projects include Up at The O2, Heathrow Terminal 5Manchester International Festival and the Mound Stand at Lords Cricket Ground

Services include bespoke exterior and interior fabric structures plus a range of pre-designed tensile fabric products, as well as zoo mesh enclosures, biogas storage holders and the new TEXO® fabric framing system.

For media enquiries, please contact Ben Luger at +44 (0) 117 971 2229 or email or Lucinda Brook on +44 (0) 7906 340 138 or email

For further information please visit

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