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Base Structures develop a DIY installed Biogas Holder


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One of the main selling points of our triple membrane gas holder is its simplicity.

14th March, 2012 -- So simple in fact that we are confident most end users are capable of installing it, potentially saving themselves a significant amount of money.

Having a factory process that delivers a sealed product to site is a big help in achieving this. Included with the gas holder delivery is a base template, simply requiring the customer to place this on the prepared concrete foundation to drill through before resin anchoring the stainless steel hoops into place. Aside from this simple drilling and gluing, the rest of the build is more or less a plug and play process.

Being a UK based company we have experienced operatives on the end of a phone to help and an experienced installer can even be despatched to site to oversee installation if needed.

Already proving to be a popular option, the DIY install is another step towards reducing the cost of AD plant set-up and commissioning.

Jon Morris, Director and Head of Production commented “It is great to see a plan coming together. From original concept through to working prototype and DIY install in a matter of months. The whole process has been a valuable learning experience and lessons learnt along the way are now being applied to other areas of our business.”

Base welcomes enquiries from both partners and potential customers. For further information please contact Fran Buchanan on +44 (0) 117 971 2229, email or visit the Base Structures Biogas Storage microsite.


About Base Structures 

Founded in 2001, Base Structures is a specialist sub contractor offering a one stop shop for the design, manufacture and installation of tensile fabric structures.Operating across Europe, Base has 50 staff and £5million turnover. Notable client projects include Heathrow Terminal 5Manchester International FestivalEden Project and the Mound Stand at Lords Cricket Ground

Services include bespoke exterior and interior fabric structures plus a range of pre-designed tensile fabric products, as well as zoo mesh enclosures, biogas storage holders and the new TEXO® fabric framing system.

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