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Base Structures Ltd latest Biogas Holder installed


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25m3 at Alderley Edge, Cheshire

April 2011 -- Following the recent commisioning of our 250m3 Biogas Holder at Much Fawley Farm near Hereford, we are pleased to announce our latest installation of our 25m3 Holder at Alderely Edge, Cheshire.

Due to the simplicity of our deisgn the installation took just 5 hours from our fully trained and qualified staff arriving on site, to final commissioning and completion.

This holder incorporates our latest design features such as a Services Interface Panel which we have added to simplify the connection between our works and customers supply, and an integral Pressure Relief Valve which protects the system from over-pressurisation.

Through consultation with the client during the specification phase we determined their delivery pipe diameters for both gas and air, and also their preffered detection method for identifying the volume of gas contained within the gas sphere. this earlhy communication enable us ot arrive on site with a full set of pre-fitted connections thereby minimising expensive site time, resulting in large cost savings which we are happy to pass on to our customers in our original quoted prices. 

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