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Exclusive interviews with key people on the state of the AD industry

2nd October 2012 -- There is ever increasing speculation that the AD industry is on the verge of something big, an environmental revolution even. The people, the engineering and the science are all diverse, fast moving and exciting areas where everyone involved has strongly held opinions, or at least an interesting perspective.

Base Structures is offering a soapbox to a few of the more interesting voices through a series of interviews with a diverse range of key people from within the AD industry. From the 1st October 2012 a new interview will be published weekly on Mondays, in a new section of the Base Structures biogas microsite called ‘Talking Heads’.

The first interview to be published is with Angie Bywater, author of the influential RASE report and a Project Manager at Methanogen. Other confirmed interviewees include Richard Gueterbock of Clearfleau, Will Kirkman of Burdens, Lucy Hopwood of NNFCC, Ester Kiddle of Bond Pearce and Shane Carter of Interface Chemistry in New Zealand, among others.

The interviews can be found on the new ‘Talking Heads’ page of the Base Structures biogas microsite

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