BDT proves value of modular concept: Brazilian, Cyprus and Lithuanian projects increase Capacity


Source: BioDiesel Technologies GmbH

Austrian biodiesel equipment producer, BioDiesel Technologies (BDT) will deliver its second and third CPU 1000 biodiesel production unit to Biotins, a Brazilian biodiesel producer and Jatropha plantation developer. This will increase capacity from 8,000 tons to 24,000 tons of biodiesel per year at its Tocantins plant.

BDT supplied its first CPU 1000 unit to the project in 2007. Over the past 12 months the group has been utilising BDT’s multifeedstock technology to supply Petrobras with biodiesel based on a blend of feedstocks in cluding soya, Jatropha, sunflower and tallow. The group is now adding further capacity to process the increasing yield from its Jatropha plantation.

This project provides an example of one of the clear advantages of modular technology, as Biotins has been able to build capacity in its biodiesel plant in line with the growth in yield of its Jatropha plantation. Further units are expected to be added as the plantation reaches maturity over the next two years.

Ambrosia Oils has increased the biodiesel production capacity from 8,000 tons to 16,000 tons per year in its Cyprus plant with the addition of a further CPU 1000 unit. Ambrosia had to wait just three weeks from order to delivery and start-up of its new unit, due to BDT’s serial production line of biodiesel production units. This allowed the company to react quickly to market conditions and seamlessly double capacity with no interruption to current production.

This doubling of capacity will allow the company to solidify its market position in Cyprus and satisfy the growing biodiesel demands on the island. Further units are expected to be delivered within the next 6-12 months increasing the capacity to 32,000 tons of biodiesel per year.

ACHEMA, the Lithuanian chemical group, will add a further 24,000 tons of biodiesel capacity per year to its biodiesel plant in Lithuania. The first CPU 1000 unit was delivered to the project in 2008. Further units are expected to be added over the coming months.

The projects in Cyprus, Brazil and Lithuania show the benefits of BDT’s modular containerised processing units which allow simple step-by-step plant capacity increases allowing customers to steadily grow their projects with market demand as opposed to stretching initial capital investment by building excess capacity. The CPU technology with its quick delivery time, easy installation and minimal footprint dramatically reduces project risk.

BDT has a strong pipeline of projects for 2009 and beyond, proving the value of its continuous process multifeedstock technology, which provides the security and flexibility needed to operate a successful biodiesel project. In these times of economic turmoil, project developers are paying much closer attention to project scale and sustainability and the appropriate management of risk. BDT has proven that its modular projects based on proven technology offer the most convincing biodiesel project solution available on the market.

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