Bentley Releases RAM Structural System Version 11.2


Source: Bentley Systems Incorporated

Bentley’s RAM International Solutions Center has just released version 11.2 of RAM Structural System – Bentley’s modeling, analysis, and design software for structural engineers involved in the design of building structures of all types. The software provides powerful automated and integrated tools that increase structural engineers’ productivity, allowing them to be more profitable and to more quickly produce economical designs.

RAM Structural System Version 11.2 includes the following new features:

  • New load combinations and template controls: A combination can consist of up to 25 load cases, and the templates have new “controls” to allow greater versatility in the generation of code- and user-specified combinations.
  • Notional Loads: The total applied Dead and Live loads on each story, upon which the Notional Loads are based, are automatically determined, and Notional Loads per BS 5950, CAN/CSA S16-01, AISC 360-05, or user-specified criteria are automatically generated and applied. The load combinations include these new Notional Load cases.
  • BS 5950 Frame Stability: The Lambda Critical command is based on the notional load results, and a new option lets the program determine the sway sensitivity of each frame. In addition, for sway sensitive frames, the Amplified Sway method (kamp) is available as an alternative to the Effective Length method or P-delta analysis. The user can either specify the value of kamp to be used or have the program determine and use the value for each combination individually.
  • DXF import: Rotated orthogonal grid systems and radial grid systems can be imported into the modeler from DXF files. Moreover, individual orthogonal grid systems can be imported as distinct grid systems, rather than as part of one large grid system.
  • Baseplate Summary report warning: The Baseplate Summary report in the Steel Column module has been enhanced to include a warning when a baseplate size fails.
  • Enhanced licensing management: Licensing management has been modified so that valid licenses will be available even when Bentley’s SELECT Server is not accessible.

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