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The British Geological Survey (BGS) provides impartial and objective scientific advice on geological matters to a wide range of British and international stakeholders. Canatxx Gas Storage Limited proposes an underground gas storage facility in Preesall, Lancashire and BGS is providing scientific data on the rocks below the surface in which gas may be stored.
Following recent press interest in a proposed gas storage scheme at Preesall (Lancashire), the BGS is taking this opportunity to clarify its professional relationship with Canatxx Gas Storage Limited. The BGS has been contracted by Canatxx to provide data on the geology of the Preesall Saltfield. This data concerns the rock unit known as the Preesall Halite which is the proposed geological formation for gas storage.

The current work will address some of the points raised during the 2005-6 Public Inquiry that relate to a previous proposal. As with a report1 for the Health and Safety Executive in 2007 and work for Canatxx Gas Storage Limited in 2005, the current work is being undertaken in a wholly independent and impartial capacity; a situation encouraged by Canatxx Gas Storage Limited.

David Evans, BGS geologist, said that “The British Geological Survey is recognised as a national centre for geological research. We provide impartial and objective advice to anyone requesting it. In our work for Canatxx, we are employed to produce a three dimensional geological model of the saltfield and provide geological data. BGS will not be commenting on the suitability of the Preesall area for gas storage. This will be addressed by other experts in the design and construction of caverns for gas storage purposes.”

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