Bill Walton Talks About Going Solar with NRG Home Solar


Source: NRG Solar LLC

NBA great Bill Walton encourages us all: Power your house with solar for all the practical reasons—and for all the right reasons.

“I made the commitment that I would work to help bring every person access to clean power. That is the future. We all have to make the choice to be part of the future, to have clean air and clean water so everyone can move forward in life. And it all starts with the solar: the biggest no brainer in the history of the planet.”

As he learned more about solar’s benefits, Walton began to install PV panels on his own home—a lot of PV panels. In fact, he plans to cover the entire tiled rooftop with them.

Walton points to all the indisputable facts about solar that have him convinced that adoption must accelerate. Top of the list? Every hour the sun produces enough non-polluting energy to power the globe for a year.

“Solar power is a natural resource that is endless, and all we have to do is harness it,” he says.

He said he partnered with NRG Home Solar because it is a great company that offers people no money down in most locations and handles all of the heavy lifting.

“I am willing to stand up and say that I am going to do something today,” says Walton, of his extensive solar install. “I am proud of the NRG solar team and committed to the cause and vision. This is the future, and I want to be part of the solution.”

Walton insists NRG’s business model is the right approach to entice more people to consider solar. By making the process easy and affordable, solar moves from the custom homes of the affluent and early adopters to the rooftops of mainstream Americans.

“When you go solar, you think, ‘I am doing the right thing and while what I’m doing makes great financial sense for me, it also makes sense for others in the world.’”

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