Biodiesel and Conical Chemical Mix Tanks



Enduramaxx produces a range of chemical storage tanks ideal for a number of storage and processing uses and that includes for the formulation and safe storage of biodiesel. There may well be a number of processes to reach a useable grade of biodiesel, but all methods require the settlement and drainage of glycerol, the unusable by-product of refining the oil. That’s where cone bottom tanks, otherwise known as conical tanks come into their own.

Enduramaxx conical tanks allow for the initial drainage of impurities and particles from the oil. Available in a number of degree cone bottom formats, all tanks feature a drainage facility at the bottom to allow for the drainage of impurities. With all methods of making biodiesel, a common stage is adding methoxide to the oil for around one hour. This forces the glycerol to separate which then makes its way to the bottom of the cone tank and can be then drained off.

Enduramaxx cone bottom tanks are ideal for the on-going storage of processed biodiesel, thanks to being fashioned from a single piece of rotationally-moulded, uv-stabilised polyethylene. The tanks are also food-grade tanks and can therefore be used for a number of other uses from brewing to wine-making and more.

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