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Biodiesel Business Academy starts Campus Biodiesel initiative launching Nonfood Biodiesel Science Kit


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We at Biodiesel Business Academy (BBA) have highest priority to contribute to the transition to a sustainable society through social, economic and environmental development. Sustainable development is a fundamental aspect of our strategic plan. Being a comprehensive organization, BBA has successfully integrated different disciplinary perspectives in sustainability. Studies in both research and education to further strengthen research cooperation, the campus biodiesel initiative have been started. This is a platform for collaborative research and education as well as for dialogue from local to global community BBA is committed to make a difference in shaping our common future.

The students now have the opportunity to make biodiesel from the nonfood oil .The Nonfood Biodiesel Science Kit developed by BBA scientists and education professionals. The kit is an engaging way for science classes to apply the basic skills and principles of chemistry. It is also a great way to introduce nonfood biodiesel — and renewable fuels in general — to students through hands-on experiments that take complex scientific processes and break them down into easy to understand lessons.The kit includes nine lesson plans and hands-on experiments along with the necessary equipment to perform to have kit’s hands-on exercises and experiments. Lesson topics include the diesel engine and the development of biodiesel, the physical and chemical properties of nonfood oil and esters and more. The kit helps illustrate real-world chemistry applications to students as well as the growing importance of the alternative fuel industry, which is primarily derived from renewable resources like nonfood oil etc. 

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